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This page is about brochure printing. brochure are very important and helpful part in the marketing field.

Brochures are used for advertising purpose.brochures are like a small book of pages containing details or informations and pictures and designs of advertising product or service.

brochures will helps to introduce a company or service to the public with a brochure book.so brochures should have attractive things for to impress the customers, if your brochure have an eye-catching designs,photos or headlines then customers or peoples will read your brochure and definitley come to buy your product.


brochure are distributing is not a big deal..brochure can easy to handed out personally or can place any public places,on flats,in the front of the shops,bus stands,metro stations,airports these all are different types of platform to distribute brochures to the targeted audience.


brochure printing

brochure are really a cheap advertising method or tool.because brochure printing is very cheap.but the designing work is very heavy.but the click of brochures in market fully depends on the brochure quality and attractive design.

a lot of brochure printings are available on market.one of the most common type of brochure printing is single sheet printing.single sheet printing brochure are mainly two types bi-fold and tri-fold.a single sheet both sides have containing information and that sheet is folded into halves thats call bi-fold brochures.but tri-fold brochures are a single sheet  containging information and pictures but it's folded into thirds.


bi-fold brochure and tri-fold brochures are shown in below.

Types of brochure printing in v2media & advertising 

🌠Gate Fold Brochure
🌠Tri-Fold Brochure
🌠Bi-Fold Brochure
🌠Leaflets or Flyers
🌠Folders and Insert Brochure
🌠Z-Fold Brochure
🌠Classic Tri-Fold
🌠Single Gate Fold
🌠Four-Panel Fold
🌠Double-Gate Fold
🌠Four-Panel Accordion Fold
🌠Four-Panel Roll Fold
🌠Die-cut Z Fold
🌠Five-Panel Accordion Fold
🌠Tri-Fold + Half-Fold
🌠Tri-Fold + Z Fold
🌠Eight-Panel Roll Fold
🌠Half-Fold + Half-Fold
🌠16-Panel Fold


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